Top 21 Benefits Of Financial Coaching

Having A Financial Expert On Your Side Has Many Advantages…

Key Ideas

  1. Learn how money coaching allows you to optimize every facet of your finances for growth.
  2. How you’ll benefit from coaching in your personal life – not just financial.
  3. The knowledge you gain from coaching is so valuable, you’ll continue using it throughout your life.

Modern life has become increasingly complex…

  • There’s too much information to be an expert at everything.
  • There is more to do than time available to get it all done.
  • The more we try to accomplish the less time we have for connecting to our primary relationships.
  • Technology promised to free our time, but instead if feels like another thing added to an already over-busy to-do list.

The sense of frustration has become epidemic, and nowhere are these problems more prevalent than with personal finance and investing. Building wealth is a confusing, complex, big elephant to swallow. Where are you supposed to find the time to become a financial expert and learn what is necessary to build your wealth?

“As life gets more frenzied, people are struggling to find balance and purpose. A coach simply helps you realize a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier.”– Dayton Daily News

Hiring a financial coach provides a competitive advantage by leveraging your time with specialized financial expertise that cuts through the clutter, confusion and contradictory information by teaching you only what is relevant – efficiently, and with a minimum of hassle.

When you leverage your financial coach’s expertise you bridge the gap between information overload and effective action so that you can convert all the work you are already doing into meaningful financial results. It’s a smart business strategy that produces greater financial success with less effort.

Still not sure? Consider the following 21 most popular benefits of financial coaching and read the actual client testimonials next to each benefit so you can see these are real people getting the actual benefits described…

1. Customized, Personal Wealth Plan: The first step in financial coaching is to design a strategic wealth building plan that capitalizes on your competitive advantage. It is based on your unique skills, values, resources, and interests, and it includes at least two of the three paths to wealth – paper assets, real estate or owning your own business. It will be carefully engineered over a period of weeks thus providing a road-map to wealth so that you know exactly where you are going and have your hands firmly on the wheel.

“When we started financial coaching Todd assessed our personal situation and helped us realize our goals were within reach now. We thought we needed to take five steps to get there, but instead we just focused and got it done. In less than six months we had our first major deal and we have a realistic plan to be financially free within two years or less. Todd’s coaching was invaluable, and best of all it never really cost us anything because just one tip he gave us on our last deal saved more than enough money to pay for all the coaching thus far.”– Eric and Jeni Kurowski; Owners, CCR Storage; Willis, TX

2. Consistent Results: Having a plan of action is only half the battle: moving consistently toward the desired target is the other key to success. The weekly accountability provided by financial coaching maintains focus so that procrastination is eliminated and life distractions no longer get in the way. You get more done every week thus producing consistent results.

“The weekly call format of coaching keeps me focused. Every week is an opportunity to create enough value to pay for a year of coaching.”– David Anderson, Retired Investor; San Francisco, CA

3. Increased Efficiency: Eliminating wasteful distraction is how you make room in your busy life for more focused action on your wealth plan. The key is to eliminate clutter and focus primarily on the critical issues thus increasing efficiency. Clarity is power.

“The impact on me has been tremendous. I’m more “aware” now of my financial decisions and make conscious decisions about them. Rather than zero savings and increasing debt I’m now saving over $1,000 a month and my credit card bills are being paid off each month (funny how all that money seemed to disappear in the past), and I’m spending more time increasing my financial knowledge.”– David Anderson, Retired Investor; San Francisco, CA

4. Reduce Mistakes: The brainstorming and vetting process during financial coaching helps you avoid mistakes and control procrastination on the difficult issues that cost you big time. With an experienced coach as your collaboration partner you benefit not only from your coach’s personal experience, but also the experience of hundreds of clients that walked the path before you. Why learn from your own mistakes when there is a better way?

“Because of your expert advice and experience in risk management, you saved me $40,000 in losses on a real estate investment. Having you as a financial coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”– Jennifer Dickens, Real Estate Investor; Los Angeles, CA

5. Lasting Change: Financial coaching works from the inside-out revealing the root causes of financial problems thus providing lasting change. It is not a “seminar high” or “feel-good” process that results in a temporary fix. Instead, it works at a deep level to produce change that will benefit you long after the coaching relationship ends.

“The course took me through the very difficult process of discovering my true self, helping me to identify and face the weaknesses and misconceptions I had developed over the years – not only about finances, but about other aspects of my life as well. The course gave me the tools I need to start on the path to financial freedom and to living the life I truly desire, living purposefully in all aspects. I know that what I have gained will affect me and the my family in a positive way for the rest of my life.”– Garry Davis; Owner, GLDLaw.Com; Dallas, TX

6. Personal Confidant: Each regularly scheduled financial coaching session provides a confidential forum with an expert dedicated exclusively to your agenda (without a conflicting agenda). You will enjoy private, non-judgmental conversations that challenge you to play smarter without telling you what to do. Many clients consider these coaching appointments sacrosanct because it is the only time where you work exclusively on your vision and goals with no distractions or conflicting interests.

“I just want to say how awesome it is working with you. To find a mentor with actual business experience, real estate, and financial background is huge. Not only that but your value to living a balanced life with your family. In the past I had become frustrated looking for a mentor with just one of these traits, much less to have the ability to teach and really mentor on top of that!… I can honestly say that in this last year I have made 20 times the amount I have paid you, and I fully expect this number to keep growing…”– Dan Cosgrove; President, Mercantile Systems and Surveys; Brentwood, CA

7. Greater Happiness and Balance: You are a congruent whole: there is no separating how you do the small things from how you do the big things. For that reason financial coaching explicitly works on financial goals while also positively impacting your whole life – including relationships, health and much more. The result is increased self-awareness so that you integrate all aspects of your life into a balanced, cohesive plan. This reduces conflict and increases happiness

“I hired Todd for financial coaching, and I learned very quickly that I would benefit in several other areas of my life as well. In just five weeks it has already been a life changing experience. Todd has taught me to look at time and money with a whole different mind set. He has also given me the tools I needed to build stronger relationships with my spouse, business partner, friends and family. I am already seeing results…”– Shelley Canario, Independent Real Estate Agent; Gilroy, CA

8. Accelerated Growth: Everything is either growing or dying – no exceptions. You start coaching because you want change, and change means growth. Coaching provides a supportive environment for accelerated growth where risk is carefully managed to help you stretch to your greatest ability – without additional stress.

9. Better Problem Solving: Problems and obstacles are a natural part of growth: you can’t have one without the other. Financial coaching provides an expert brainstorming partner that sources your inner wisdom helping you identify critical factors and locate best solutions. Your financial coach serves as an outside observer helping you make course corrections, avoid detours and see opportunities you otherwise might have overlooked.

“Your questions cut right through that little voice of doubt in my head and helped me get clear on the skills and thinking processes I need. My financial goals are no longer just a pipe dream. Now I have a road map of where I need to go, and I know how to get there.”– Jane E. Latimer, M.A.; Owner, The Aliveness Experience; Denver, CO

10. Creative Alternatives: Success seldom results from following conventional wisdom, but unproven paths can be risky. It’s an art form to match creative alternatives to changing times so that you produce a competitive advantage instead of a foolish dead-end path. You financial coach stands above the forest while you cut down the trees so that he can challenge old, ineffective belief systems by introducing more productive alternatives while also keeping you on track toward your goal without getting lost in meaningless diversions.

“I can’t remember the last time I had someone blow my head off my shoulders like you did today on both the creativity and portfolio/finance topics. I really appreciate your help.”– Ken Turek, Attorney; San Diego, CA

11. Improved Financial Habits: Your health, wealth and happiness all result from your habits. Similarly, the transformational technology practiced during financial coaching not only results in improved financial habits but positively affects other aspects of your life as well. Clients routinely report improved health, relationships and happiness while also enriching their financial condition.

“Your course woke me up. I discovered how committing to wealth also increased my commitment to other areas of growth as well such as health and fitness, spirituality and personal relationships. I learned how acting with integrity in one area of my life (wealth) carries over to all broad categories that make life worth living. You’ve taught me how to stop repeating past mistakes investing so that I’ve already saved $15,000 – and who knows how much more I’ll save in future deals because of what I’ve learned. Thank you.”– Elisse Davis; Mother, Homemaker & Family Comptroller; McKinney TX

12. Thrive Instead of Survive: With financial coaching you develop a plan and take actions specifically designed to convert your present income into wealth. The goal is to stop just surviving and start thriving – every month and every year – so that you eliminate the question mark from your financial future. Coaching is not about get-rich-quick: it is about accelerated, consistent progress toward an inevitable result.

“With Todd’s coaching I have been able to really integrate my personal vision and mission with my business objectives. In fact, for the first time in my 25+ year career, my business is truly driven by my deepest values and vision. I now feel that I am doing what I really want to do with my life. My clients sense my enthusiasm and the fire of my mission to be of real service to them. By the way, in the very first quarter of my business, I made more money than I have ever made as an employee, even in a career filled with VP level executive positions. I am thrilled.”– Jerry Llewellyn; President, Amera Consulting Group; Austin, TX

13. Build Wealth as Your Primary Business: You’ll learn to run your personal financial world like a business… because that’s exactly what it is. Many clients are surprised to learn their wealth is their primary business activity while their career and investment portfolio are mere “Vice Presidents” in the “You Inc.” organizational chart. This perspective provides structure and supports much-needed balance in managing the conflicting objectives between money, relationships, recreation and career.

“Wherever you see a successful business (or portfolio, or life), someone once made a courageous decision.”– Peter Drucker

14. Become Your Own Financial Expert: Learn how to independently choose investment products purchased through your own sources thus eliminating dependency on other people’s opinions or advice. Your financial coach provides education designed to help you make more effective, independent decisions. This increased skill mastery and confidence is the essence of financial independence.

“I initially came to the coaching calls looking for you to tell me what to do because this is what I’ve done all my life. What I’ve really learned working with you is how I’m very capable of thinking and making decisions for myself.”– Nahrein David, Consultant; San Ramon, CA

15. Proven Principles: Stop guessing, living by other people’s rules or dealing with conflicting sources of information. Learn how to create your own principle-driven money and investment rules based on a single consistent model (as taught in Seven Steps To Seven Figures) that has already proven effective in Todd’s own life and with countless coaching clients.

“I got absolutely clear on both my financial strategy and the blocks that were holding me back from moving forward with my plans.”– Barry Bettman, CPPC; Owner, Success Coaching; Half Moon Bay, CA

16. Invest with Confidence: Learn to assess and manage risk when the markets turn south. Develop an understanding of the difference between gambling and investing so that you improve expectation and confidence based on proven formulas. No more guessing or emotional roller coaster because you will develop a solid investment discipline with clear action steps.

“People want to be lead. We did and we sometimes hoped that in our coaching calls you would have the “magic answer”. You made us critical thinkers to find those answers ourselves. That is your strength. You are a great coach.”– Jeni and Eric Kurowski; Owners, CCR Storage; Willis, TX

17. Stronger Personal Foundation: The height of a building is limited by the strength of the foundation. That is why skyscraper construction crews dig huge pits and sink massive pilings. Your wealth and the quality of your life are no different. Financial coaching helps you build a strong financial foundation based on proven principles so that you can ascend to greater heights.<

“Todd is a master coach. He is extremely intelligent and resourceful, and will in each session take you to higher and higher levels of personal creativity and financial IQ. Working with him is an investment in your most important asset: yourself.”– Ken Turek, Attorney; San Diego, CA

18. Access to Specialized Resources: Financial coaching helps you access hard-to-find knowledge and resources. You could spend countless hours sifting through mountains of information, or you can have an expert hand you only what is necessary on a silver platter. Every coaching session and homework assignment grows your financial intelligence which pays you dividends for a lifetime.

“Your knowledge of business resources and finance opens up doors I didn’t even know existed. I feel more confidence and safety in my decisions because your contrarian style of questioning gets me to really look and understand a situation from all angles.”– Loral Langemeier; President, Choice Performance, Inc.; San Rafael, CA

19. Simplifies the Complex: Learning how to build wealth is a big elephant to swallow. Unfortunately, this complexity reduces success and causes stress. Financial coaching provides a step-by-step road-map that breaks it all down into actionable tasks while also providing a structure and process so that risk and fear are reduced.

“Thanks so much for your guidance. You really have a gift for cutting through the verbal and numeric distractions to make a complex subject clear.”– Mike Bergida, Realtor; Virginia

20. Convenient: All coaching takes place over the telephone, from the convenience of your home or office, and on your schedule so there is no need to take time off from work, incur transportation costs, or attend classes. You move at your own speed by scheduling appointments at your convenience.

“I created specific and measurable results in just four sessions. After what I learned from you in the last session I think you are charging way to little dollars.”– Beth Dispenza, Entrepreneur; Malibu, CA

21. Measurable Results: Financial coaching is measured by the results it produces. While I can’t guarantee you’ll make more money the fact is clients don’t pay me every month for the fun of it. They either get more value than they pay for or they don’t continue. One mistake avoided or one smart decision can pay for years of coaching making it a revenue producing activity instead of an expense. This is more than just a sales slogan – it happens regularly. And it is why financial coaching makes good business sense.

Admittedly, this is a long list of benefits, and not every client experiences every benefit. However, most clients share with me that just one or two of these benefits more than justifies the cost of coaching.

Ask yourself, “What is the value of one qualified, experienced, financial expert dedicated 100% to mentoring and supporting me so that I get what I want out of life?”

Would you prefer to sort through hundreds of books and endless newsletters in the quest to learn what is relevant, or would you prefer to leverage the specialized expertise of a financial coach and have all this information distilled down to an actionable plan custom tailored to your needs?

Or consider this… how are you going to learn what is necessary and develop a competitive financial advantage in today’s super-competitive market? How do you continue to prosper and grow – even during the tough times?

The one thing I guarantee you is it won’t happen by continuing to do what you have always done.

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